Where I, Will Cowman, condescending 'splain what's what.
"News" I've chosen to treat *all* content on television like a big ol' reality TV show. There is no "news" anymore -- no objective reliable sources I can trust to feed me the truth. For that, I must dig on my own for the facts and evaluate the results independently of the narratives being shoved-out through the traditional media.

It also helps to separate what Trump /says/ (which is mainly via tweets) from what he actually /does/ .. and only get concerned about the latter.

Twitter is toxic. It should not be the case, but Twitter has become an indispensable force that, when taken too seriously, can and does destroy careers and lives. IMHO: it should be considered more through a prism of "sticks-and-stones may break my bones.." I believe Donald Trump understands this and actively uses it to tweak his foes and the media (and because all "news" seems to be driven by tweets these days -- they end up amplifying his message and driving free publicity).

It may be a crazy and cynical way to look at things .. but I'm finding that this approach keeps things in perspective for me (and fends-off the ulcers).